About Us

Brick City Brokers is a privately owned company formed in 2011 by Bill McNamee, President. A 30 year veteran of the food industry,  Bill began his career in 1979 with DCA Food Industries in Newark, NJ at a wholesale bakery producing donuts and English Muffins for the NY Metro supermarkets and regional food service distributors.  Over the years Bill gained deep experience in big time baking as Director of Operations at Borden/Drake Bakeries and soon owned and operated his Mac Baking Company in Newark, NJ where he supplied fresh and frozen donuts to most NY Metro supermarkets. Over the years he gained much experience in all logistical areas and is proficient with FDA labeling laws and Nutrition Facts laws. The early years provided a foundation that assists his vendor partners with logistical solutions and unique product development ideas.

Our focus is on bakery with emphasis on the supermarket, convenience and food service channels. Through us our manufacturing partner's facilities supply supermarkets, distributors, DSD operations and institutions like schools, prisons and healthcare facilities with products that meet nutritional and cost effective requirements.


We continue to expand our business with new manufacturers while growing the business of our core group. Our business has expanded from New England to Florida, from NJ to Missouri and as far south as Alabama. And we continue to grow. Our manufacturers have expanded from NY Metro to Maine, Virginia, Iowa and  Michigan. 

Brick City Brokers
building sales and profits together 


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